WSAG E049 PRINT - Pre Order

Image of WSAG E049 PRINT - Pre Order

The 2018 paper issue of When Skies are Grey (E049) will be printed for 21 April and is available for pre-order now.

The issue is going to be bigger than the usual issue - at least 100 pages and hopefully it will give you plenty to read for the next few months

Subscribers will receive their normal digital issue but, as with previous years, they will have to pay for this paper issue separately.

The paper issue will be extremely limited edition and as with our previous printed issues once they are gone they will be gone for ever.

The issue costs £5.00 and the postage rates are below

We know that postage is a bit steep but we got stung last time as the issue is over 100g and is classed as a large letter. And the rates are due to go up again at the end of March.

(For all of Europe use Italy, For USA, Australia etc use USA)

This is purely down to the costs associated with producing a high quality, full colour magazine. If you bought our previous printed issues you'll know what to expect. And we've tried to reduce the price of the mag on the basis that we hope to sell a few pages of advertising to offset the costs.

We expect to be able to post issues out just before 21 April and we will post them straight away.

We will have more news as we get closer to the time but for now if you have any questions, please email us at